here we go....

This is as quiet as we get...

Ms. Vickie reading "The Wolf Is Coming"!

Don't believe everything that BIRD tell you.

What a GREAT looking group of first graders!

Ms. Paula having fun with her water gun!!!!!!!!!

Rain won't keep us away.... they will bus em' in.

WE are all ears!

Okay, Ms. Paula, we are ready!

Everybody got a quiet button?

Ms. Vickie giving the tour in the computer room.

We didn't get rained out.... we had to walk!

Everybody taking their shoes off before going inside..

me please!!!!!!!

Wow... what a crowd of first graders!

Sure glad it rained, we didn't have to walk.

hurray... we didn't have to walk after all...

traffic jam - which did you say to go???

Ms. Paula tells about the library.

I'm listening... I just can't take my eyes off that sucker!

Here we go.... follow the leader!

Ms. Paula demonstrating the computers.

Cool, look at all the videos!

Ms. Vickie demonstrating the Children's computers.

We are waiting... isn't it time for a story, Ms. Vickie?

Let's play follow the leader?

Come on now, everybody get in line...

So this is what the office looks like.

Ms. Paula is really getting into that story....

Look at all those good looking kids.

Ms. Vickie are you sure you know what you are talking about?

I want a balloon......

The crowd goes wild.....