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Connecting your Web to a database opens up powerful data management capabilities, turning an otherwise static Web site into a dynamic world of information.

Oracle 8
Oracle8i offers a complete platform for managing enterprise applications, Web sites, Java programs, multimedia content and Internet files.

To set up your Enterprise Server for use with your Oracle 8 database

1. Install Oracle 8.
2. When prompted, select both IPX and TCP/IP network protocols.
3. After installation is complete, you need to start Oracle. Before starting Oracle, load all of the required NLMs. At the NetWare console, type oraload.

4. Edit orastart.ncf, found in the Oracle NLM directory. Add the following command line:

load oci7stub

Note: If the command is already in the orastart.ncf file, simply remove the comment tag. If you cannot locate the  oci7stub.nlm, you can copy it from sys:\novonyx\suitespot\js\oracle to the Oracle NLM directory.

5. After the NLMs are loaded, start Oracle. Type orastart at the NetWare console and enter the password. Enter the same administrator password that you used during the Oracle installation.

Note If you use JavaScripts that utilize a database, the name of the oracle database will be


Tip To automate the startup process, simply add the commands to the autoexec.ncf file.

For more information about Oracle 8, visit the Oracle Web site.


Oracle 7
If you're using Oracle 7 and NetWare 4.11, you'll need to follow special instructions for setting up your Oracle database for use with the Enterprise Server.
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